Livy Protect now integrated with Google Assistant

Livy, the smart home platform developed by HUM Systems GmbH, is delighted to announce that the integration between Livy Protect and Google Assistant is now live.

07.07.2020 | Christopher Lade

What does “real” smart living mean?

The term “smart living” is often mentioned in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) or Smart Home...

10.06.2020 | Amir Humanfar

"With this influencer campaign we want to showcase Livy's extensive set of features”

The Berlin-based start-up HUM Systems has implemented an influencer campaign with three of the most popular German smart home and tech YouTubers, in order to present the extensive set of features of the smart home system Livy.

25.05.2020 | Christopher Lade

Smart Home can warn you of potential danger. But what about afterwards?

Smart Home products warn their users in good time of possible fires, if uninvited guests enter the house or water damage is caused by a burst pipe...

24.04.2020 | Christopher Lade

Healthy Air Guide: Livy offers new app feature for healthier air quality

The all-in-one smart home product Livy Protect has now extended its functionality with the new Healthy Air Guide.

15.04.2020 | Christopher Lade

With Over 100 Million User Interactions, the Livy Platform Has the Potential to Drive Forward Smart City Innovation

The Livy Platform and its over 100 million interactions is a substantial source of data that smart city advocates and utility providers can utilise in order to gain insights on user’s air quality characteristics and their corresponding effects on energy usage.

10.02.2020 | Christopher Lade

Visit us at the E-World Energy & Water 2020 in Essen

Learn more about our concept for truly intelligent networking with your energy consumer.

03.02.2020 | Amir Humanfar

Podcast with our iOS-Developer Bjarne

Are you interested in doing an internship at HUM Systems? In our second podcast of our podcast series, Christopher, our Digital Marketing Manager, sits down with Bjarne, a Mobile Developer on our iOS team...

14.01.2020 | Christopher Lade

Podcast with our Android-Developer Stefan

In the first podcast of our podcast series, Christopher, our Digital Marketing Manager, sits down with Stefan, a Mobile Developer on the Android team...

18.12.2019 | Christopher Lade

New Service: Smart Home App Livy Introduces Home Cover

The start-up HUM Systems has successfully established itself in the IoT branch with a simple app-based home security solution: the multi-sensor smart home device Livy Protect...

01.12.2019 | Christopher Lade

Visit us at the European Utility Week 2019 in Paris

Discover our concept for truly intelligent networking with your energy consumer

19.09.2019 | Amir Humanfar

28th day of Saxon housing cooperatives

Meet us on the 28th day of Saxon housing cooperatives

04.09.2019 | Hang Nguyen

New function: Livy Protect now alerts in case of poor air quality

With a simple app update, users unlock the Livy Protect Air Monitor.

22.05.2019 | Amir Humanfar

MIPIM PropTech Europe 2019 - Real Estate and Digitization

Visit us at MIPIM PropTech Europe 2019 in Paris

10.05.2019 | Hang Ngyuen

Smart Home and art have so much in common.

Smart Home and Art? Sounds at first glance like two worlds, which are not have a lot to do with each other...

24.04.2019 | Amir Humanfar

HUM Systems at E-World 2019

A review on E-World 2019

11.02.2019 | Amir Humanfar

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