The start-up HUM Systems has successfully established itself in the IoT branch with a simple app-based home security solution: the multi-sensor smart home device Livy Protect. Available now, the Livy App is will also feature an emergency apartment and home insurance coverage called Home Cover.

Home Cover from Livy Plus is an on-call home emergency service. For almost every emergency situation, a professional service provider can be arranged for the customer. In the event of damage or an emergency, a quick and expert solution is just a phone call away.

The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. On-call staff clarifies the situation with the customer, and sends the appropriate service provider in the area to the customer as quickly as possible, in order to take care of any emergency situation that arises.

Locksmiths, plumbers, or specialist companies to locate and repair water or storm damage, and even heating installation services, can all be arranged. The services also include pest control and securing and guarding against burglary. If necessary, childcare, pet accommodation, alternative accommodation or a return journey can also be organized.

Home Cover comes in two difference packages for both tenants and home-owners: Basic and Premium. With Basic, the costs are covered for up to three different cases per year, each case up to 300€. With Premium, the costs are also covered for up to three different cases per year, but up to 500€ per case.

The Home Cover package is a cooperation offer from HUM Systems and ALLYSCA, the assistance service provider.

"The classic home and housing protection packages, such as the Home Cover package, are generally only available together with household insurance. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to offer our customers a cost-effective, carefree package that goes beyond the hardware," Mr. Ali Reza Humanfar said, CEO of HUM Systems. 

Livy Protect is a two-piece set consisting of a smoke detector and a WiFi-based Smart Ring that combines fire and burglary protection, and also monitors the air quality within your home. In the event of an alarm, the app can also automatically inform emergency contacts and coordinate them together, in order to quickly resolve any potential situations.

HUM Systems has been awarded 2nd place in the category “Best Start-up Company” at the 2018 Smart Home Deutschland Awards.

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