In November 2021, HUM Systems had a reason to celebrate: After one and a half years of concentrated work, numerous user conversations and continuous improvement, we proudly present our latest product: The Smart Living Station Livy Alive.

Livy Alive Release

We were especially pleased that we could share this evening with everyone who accompanied us on our journey and believed in us. A big thank you goes to Vattenfall and especially to Carsten Gerasch and Ivan Polunic, for their longtime support and trust. 

Speeches by the founders of HUM Systems summarized the development process in retrospect, addressed future trends and introduced the team behind the product. 

Throughout the production of Livy Alive, special thought was given to the aspect of data security. From the in-house hardware to the app, Livy Alive was developed from "one source". At the party, the topic was brought closer in an entertaining way by Dr. Stephan Gärtner.

The evening was atmospherically accompanied by the musician Paji in melodic techno. Together with his team Nikolaos UNIK Giannulidis and Jelena Kitanovic he developed the sound design of the Livy Alive.

Reza Humanfar, Carsten Gerasch

Ivan Polunic

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HUM Systems

What A Time To Be Alive

HUM Systems

Reza Humanfar

Amir Humanfar

Philipp Gsching

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