Smart Home products warn their users in good time of possible fires, if uninvited guests enter the house or water damage is caused by a burst pipe. But what actually happens after an alarm?

Users are almost always left alone with the chaos, and sometimes cleaning up the mess can be more emotionally and physically demanding, time-consuming and expensive than what originally happened in the first place. This is where Home Cover from smart home provider Livy comes in.

Home Cover is the first tailor-made emergency insurance for homeowners and tenants for exactly this type of situation. In the event of an emergency situation, users can call a 24-hour hotline throughout Germany and receive immediate professional help.

What types of emergency situations are covered? Let's take a look at some examples.

Locksmith service: In case you are locked out of your home, Home Cover will organize a professional locksmith service to let you back in - the costs of the operation are covered, which can end up saving you hundreds of euros.

Sanitary service: If you have a major water leakage in your home, this is often a homeowner or renter’s worst nightmare. It is often messy, can lead to major damage, and the clean-up can be costly. In these types of cases, Home Cover will organize a sanitary service and will cover the costs for all necessary parts of a repair.

Security after a break-in: For many, one of the worst emergencies is, without a doubt, a burglary. But even here, Home Cover can be of help. As a first measure of protection, the lock can be replaced and a temporary securing of the door, or even an emergency window fixtures or glass will be installed.

Organization of a return trip: If, in any these situations, the customer is travelling and an alarm goes off, Home Cover will organize a return trip so that they can quickly be at home again.

"The classic home and housing protection packages, such as the Home Cover package, are generally only available together with household insurance. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to offer our customers a cost-effective, carefree package that goes beyond the hardware," Mr. Ali Reza Humanfar said, CEO of HUM Systems. 

"It is often the time directly after an emergency that is the most stressful - and sometimes the most expensive - and we wanted to offer a solution that would also cover this aspect. With our smart home product Livy Protect, the Community Function, and with Home Cover, the customer is therefore protected at all times".

Livy Protect is a two-piece set consisting of a smoke detector and a WiFi-based Smart Ring, which combines fire and burglary protection and also air quality control in your home. In the event of an alarm, the app can automatically inform and coordinate emergency contacts to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Home Cover is available as part of the value-added services from Livy Plus and can be booked in the app with an option for tenants or homeowners.

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