Berlin-based IoT company HUM Systems sets new standards in the smart home segment with innovation Livy Alive

Berlin - October 1, 2021. The multi-award-winning Berlin-based IoT company HUM Systems today presents a true revolution for the connected, sensor-driven smart home: The Livy Alive smart living station combines numerous sensors in a single pioneering device with a high-quality camera, speaker and LEDs. Potential dangers such as toxic carbon monoxide and smoke development, but also strange noises or burglaries - and in the near future also falls of infirm persons or calls for help - are detected via the highly sensitive smart sensors, recognized as such and trigger a silent or audible alarm, which is additionally reported via app and cell phone to the own network, which can then immediately take action. Ingenious: In order to be able to assess the seriousness of the situation even better, those alerted can contact and interact directly with those affected in the room via the Livy Alive's live video stream and 2-way audio system.

"Through years of tinkering by our engineers, we have managed to combine all the relevant sensors that help make life and everyday living easier into a single product," explains computer scientist Ali Reza Humanfar, founder and CEO of HUM Systems. The modern and sophisticated-looking "Squircle" (a word mix of Square and Circle) can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall, taking up virtually no space. The mirrored cover on the front reflects the living space, so it matches the color and elegantly blends into the home ambience, while the gray fabric cover on the edge looks warm and homely. Thus, one hardly notices the installed device. However, it can visibly and audibly draw attention to itself when its use is required. This is ensured by LEDs on the translucent back and a high-quality speaker with brilliant sound quality plus a siren for emergencies.

Top-level technology

The sophisticated high-performance components of the Smart Living Station designed in Berlin also include precise radar technology for presence detection, a combined air sensor for all important air values, and light & noise sensors for ambient values. When threshold values are reached, Livy Alive sends notifications and recommendations to the smartphone to ensure a healthy indoor climate. A detailed overview of the measurements is visualized in summary form in the Livy app.

Livy Alive also detects the acoustic signal of existing smoke detectors in the home, jumps on and notifies the selected community members* via Livy App.

Thanks to its 8MP camera with night vision sensors and 180° super-wide-angle lens, Livy Alive also provides crisp, real-time images day and night and an all-around view that doesn't miss a corner. In the event of an alarm, the device automatically records video sequences. For data protection reasons, these recordings are transmitted in encrypted form and stored in a cloud on servers within German borders for 30 days before being deleted.

Constantly "alive" even during blackouts

What happens in the event of a power or internet outage? Here Livy Alive lives up to its name and shows itself alive even during network failures! With the help of battery and LTE backup, Livy Alive remains active even without internet or power connection for a couple of hours.

"Livy Alive can hear, feel, see and speak - depending on what is desired in the personal reality of life. The users and their individuality are always the focus. They decide which features should be activated," emphasizes Reza Humanfar and summarizes: "Livy Alive makes life more comfortable, safer, takes away stress and worries, thus increasing the quality of life and at the same time strengthening social interaction. The possibility of interaction within one's own community also conveys a sense of protection and security, especially to older people, and opens up greater independence and longer autonomy for them within their own four walls."

VIDEO: Meet Livy Alive (click here)