Our founder and managing director has made it into the renowned print edition 01/24 of Business Punk His talent, his assertiveness and have impressed! The editors He is therefore one of the minds in Germany that you should know! The mission: to use AI technologies to sustainably enrich and facilitate the lives of nursing staff and those in need of care. We are proud of our founder and say congratulations

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Who is radically rethinking things and who is moving our country forward? One of them is founder Reza Humanfar!  

" ... a visionary computer scientist (...). As the founder of Livy, he is pursuing the ambitious goal of using AI technologies to sustainably enrich and simplify the lives of carers and those in need of care in 2024," according to the current print edition of Business Punk magazine.

With Livy Care, Reza Humanfar has come a big step closer to his goal. With his assertiveness and passion, he has not only impressed the editorial team of the renowned Business Punk magazine, but has already made life easier for many carers in care facilities. The Livy Care team is working on adapting the innovative technology to the individual needs of the facilities in order to get the best out of it for carers and nursing staff.

Without a doubt, Reza Humanfar is one of the people to know in Germany. His vision and commitment to improving the care industry is inspiring and his AI technologies are delivering effective results.

Congratulations to our founder - we are proud!

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