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HUM Systems
AWO Lausitz and Berlin start-up HUM Systems launch model test for smart care assistance - an interview

In the following interview, Marcus Beier, Managing Director of AWO Lausitz, Yves Tschentscher, Project Manager of "ZukunfTAlter" at AWO Lausitz, and Amir Humanfar, co-founder of HUM Systems, provide details on the model test, which will set standards for the whole of Germany.

Smart Home Award 2021
HUM Systems again among the best start-ups 2021

German-Swiss start-up cooperation for double housing protection

Livy Protect Plus
Rent security and comfort for your home by Livy

The Berlin-based start-up HUM Systems, which won the "SmartHome Deutschland Award 2018", will be offering the all-in-one Livy Protect model for testing and as a subscription to anyone who wants to network their home from April 2021.

Best Start-Up 2018

We are proud to be awarded with 2nd place at the Smart Home Award 2018 and 2021 in the category "Best Start-Up".

Best Business Model

We were chosen as a finalist at the Start-Up Pitch 2018 organized by the Central Association of the German Electrical Industry for the category "Best Business Model" in the IoT building sector.

Our Partner

Together with Vattenfall, we have taken a big step forward for the smart home industry.

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