Our Mission

We simplify people's daily life with IoT

HUM means HUMAN MACHINE SYSTEMS. This is the fundamental idea and concept behind our company. It gives us direction for our work and provides a focal point towards which we can focus and apply our energy. It keeps us our goals and ideas on track. For us, the Internet of Things is the fusion of tangible components with intelligent software, which should, at the end of the day, grant people more freedom to focus on the things that really matter in life. Inspired by the possibilities of the Internet of Things and what Artificial Intelligence will be able to offer us in the future, we want to simplify and improve people’s day-to-day lives.

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At HUM Systems, our principal focus lies on people and what they need.

People, whether they are our family, our friends, or our customers, all have needs. These needs often boil down to three essential elements: security, health, and comfort. With these three, goals in life have a much higher chance of being achieved and overall happiness is an ever-greater possibility. Security is the first and primary human need. With safety, this enables one to go about their day knowing that this essential component in life is covered. Societies around the world fail or succeed based on this one single concept. Health is the second major basic human need. Overall good health leads to more happiness and less stress. Comfort is our last human need, and comes after the first two are already met. With comfort, one can begin building a successful and happy life. We concentrate on these three human needs. And we aim to solve them.


Today’s Internet of Things offers huge advantages in tackling and solving our human needs.

The field is complex and ever-changing, and we pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse of this expanding and dynamic industry. We thrive on making complex machinery simple-to-use and simple-to-adjust. Our goal, with our machine, is to make a product that is future-proof, flexible, and built-to-last. We test, tweak, adjust and fine-tune our machine so that by the time it reaches the customer, our machine represents three things: simplicity, elegance, and upmost reliability.



The System is what binds these two components together — the human and the machine.

Here we employ intelligent software, which allows us to tackle our basic human needs both quickly and efficiently. For this, we build interfaces that enable us to operate the machines with ease and precision. Therefore, the three human needs are being met in a manner that is practical and stress-free. And this is exactly our idea of Smart Home. Smart Home, to us, is a lifestyle. Technology exists to help the human meet his or her basic needs and wants, and the system is developed to automatically adjust to their wishes. This way, Smart Home is the coexistence of people (HUMAN) and technology (MACHINE) with intelligent systems (SYSTEM). With these principles in mind, we developed Livy.


With the Livy Protect, the principle product of the brand Livy, we created an All-In-One user-friendly smart home product that successfully solves the three principle needs of humans. Livy Protect enables users to protect their homes against fire and burglary, monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality, and by using the Livy App, it allows users to create a community of family and friends who will be informed via push notification in the event of an alarm. Livy Plus provides additional services to the customer. This includes the insurance product Home Cover, which protects the customer in case of simple breakdowns at home — a lost key, water damage because of a leak, or a break-in. In addition, we have partnered with the biggest worldwide security service Securitas, which facilitates further protection when the community is not available. We are also proud of our partnership with Vattenfall, which offers its customers our Smart Home solution and allows us to constantly innovate, improve and remain flexible.

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Protecting Against Burglary Protecting Against Burglary
Air Quality Measurement Air Quality Measurement
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Best Business Model

We were chosen as a finalist at the 2018 Start-up Pitch organized by the Central Association of the German Electrical Industry for the category "Best Business Model" in the IoT building sector.

Our Partner

Together with Vattenfall, we have taken a big step forward for the smart home industry.

Best Start-up 2018

We are proud to be awarded with the 2nd place at the Smart Home Award 2018 in the category "Best Start-Up".

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