Our Mission

We simplify people's daily life with IoT

HUM means HUMAN MACHINE SYSTEMS. This is the fundamental idea and concept behind our company. It gives us direction for our work and provides a focal point towards which we can focus and apply our energy. It keeps us our goals and ideas on track. For us, the Internet of Things is the fusion of tangible components with intelligent software, which should, at the end of the day, grant people more freedom to focus on the things that really matter in life. Inspired by the possibilities of the Internet of Things and what Artificial Intelligence will be able to offer us in the future, we want to simplify and improve people’s day-to-day lives.

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At HUM Systems, our principal focus lies on people and what they need.

It doesn't matter if it's our family, friends or colleagues at work: Everyone has the same basic needs. They strive for safety, health and comfort in their lives. For us at HUM Systems, this is the starting point for all our ideas. First and foremost, we think about people and then develop systems to meet their needs. To understand people, we perform customer discovery methods, test systems in real life and evaluate results with the team. Through our optimized design thinking process, we can thus always adapt the customer journey and target the best outcome to develop innovations. Only when we understand people and their needs does the machine come into play.


Today’s Internet of Things offers huge advantages in tackling and solving our human needs.

Technology has a lot to offer. But what of it is really useful for people? Our team is characterized by combining expertise in hardware and software with product management and marketing. As a result, we decide on the technology to be used from different angles and implement it from the circuit board to the app itself. Then we test, optimize and adjust our technology until it represents these three things: Simplicity, Elegance and Highest Reliability. Making technology different changes everything.



The System is what binds these two components together — the human and the machine.

Our goal is to turn complex and innovative technology into user-friendly and useful functions. Only in this way can we produce future-proof, flexible and durable products. At the same time, we build interfaces that enable our system to be integrated into existing everyday life. And that is precisely our idea of smart living. The technology exists to help people meet their basic needs and desires, and the system is designed to automatically adapt to their wishes. Thus, we see Smart Living as bringing people (HUMAN) and technology (MACHINE) together into intelligent systems (SYSTEM). With these principles in mind, we developed Livy.


Livy Alive. The Smart Living Station for a tangibly connected home. More connectivity. Fewer devices. Home is the place where we are close to the most important people in our lives and we want to be sure that they are doing well there. Livy Alive was developed with the aim of creating a particularly compact smart living station that, thanks to its adaptive design, remains invisible in everyday life and only appears when necessary. Livy Alive combines the following segments in one compact station Safety ✓ Health ✓ Care ✓ Communication ✓ Comfort ✓ Sustainability ✓ Connectivity ✓

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Best Business Model

We were chosen as a finalist at the 2018 Start-up Pitch organized by the Central Association of the German Electrical Industry for the category "Best Business Model" in the IoT building sector.

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Together with Vattenfall, we have taken a big step forward for the smart home industry.

Best Start-up 2018

We are proud to be awarded with the 2nd place at the Smart Home Award 2018 in the category "Best Start-Up".

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