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What does 'smart' actually mean?

'Smart home' is a term you often hear – but how smart are the systems really? Systems are considered seriously smart when they understand the needs of people, and an intelligent automation is triggered, giving people more time to enjoy the good things in life. The technology exists, but only few companies are making an effort to actually ensure our day-to-day lives will become 'smart‘. In our Smart Living approach, established companies and service providers play just as important a role as IoT devices and their users.

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Today, established companies are facing the challenge of mastering the digital transformation.

While they are aiming to bolster their business with existing customers, they also need to beware of new and disruptive technologies. In addition, the phenomenon of disintermediation is being accelerated by the internet. This means that companies will, in future, interact directly with their customers without employing a mediator or middleman. Thus, they are forced to improve their own competitive position through innovations.


The smart home market will experience a significant growth in the coming years.

It will bring forth new business models, and all businesses offering consumer services for the home will benefit from this development. But the new market will also change traditional business activities. If you want to be successful on the smart home market, you need to find the right partners now.

IoT Product-Service-System Platform

IoT Product-Service-System Platform

Our Smart Living Platform with AI (artificial intelligence), big data, targeting and location-based services helps our partners with digitalising their core business and gives them access to an innovative Product Service System.

The platform does not only include the control of Smart Home devices, but through the Digital Twin approach additional information such as the relationship of users to each other and their respective locations can be generated. With the help of Big Data analyses, valuable conclusions can be drawn, which we use with the aim of simplifying the daily life of the users and the daily business of our partners.


Livy Protect, enables users to protect their homes against fire and burglary, monitor the temperature, humidity, air quality, carbon monoxide and noise level and additionally, using the Livy app, it lets users create a home-related community (friends, family, neighbours and others) who will be informed in the event of an alarm. The additional link to the worldwide biggest security service firm Securitas facilitates further protection also when the community is not available.

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Best Business Modell

We were chosen as a finalist at the Start-up Pitch 2018 organized by the Central Association of the German Electrical Industry for the category "Best Business Model" in the IoT building sector.

Our Partner

Together with Vattenfall, we have taken a big step forward for the smart home industry.

Best Start-up 2018

We are proud to be awarded with the 2nd place at the Smart Home Award 2018 in the category "Best Start-Up".

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