Last Friday, the prefabricated house manufacturer KAMPA opened a show house in the FertighausWelt in Kappel-Grafenhausen in the Black Forest in particularly climate-friendly timber construction. Not only are particularly environmentally friendly materials used in the construction of the house, but also our compact Smart Living Station Livy Alive. 

The KAMPA show house is a cozy house for the family, which fits harmoniously into the region and at the same time convinces with a modern architecture. KAMPA relied on innovative technology in the construction of the house and presents energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions for prefabricated house construction. 

Energy efficiency meets smart security 

Security and living comfort also form a decisive equipment criterion for the prefabricated house, and so our Smart Living Station was integrated into individual living spaces as a compact security solution and supplement to the installed Smart Home System. 
In combination with the Smart Home System from VIMAR for the control of e.g. blinds and light, the Livy internal functions can be extended here and the potential of the station can be fully exploited. In this way, automations are made possible that serve to increase burglary protection. Among other things, scenes can be created that, when an alarm is activated, turn off all the lights in the house and lower the blinds, and when movement is detected by the radar in the Livy Alive, not only trigger an alarm at the Smart Living Station, but also turn on all the lights in the house and raise the blinds again to scare away burglars. 

Depending on personal needs, the automations can of course also be used to optimize energy consumption, and lights and heating systems are automatically turned on and off when people enter or leave the house. 

Interested visitors and future KAMPA building owners will have the opportunity to test Livy Alive on site and see it in action.