HUM Systems now offers efficient support for overworked healthcare staff with Livy Care. The Berlin-based startup HUM Systems offers a digital assistance system for caregivers with its new app Livy Care.

Livy Care - the digital assistant in every room at the same time 

Especially at night and during periods of intense stress, reliable support is needed for overworked healthcare staff. This is because unnoticed emergencies often occur, especially when personnel are understaffed. As a result, elderly people and those in need of care have to hold out in emergency situations until help arrives. The new Livy Care application from HUM Systems enables qualitative monitoring of the various client rooms and thus offers supervision for care-intensive clients that complies with data privacy regulations and is also respectful of their dignity.

For this purpose, the Smart Living Station Livy Alive has been further developed to detect accidents in the client's rooms at an early stage with a high probability and to alert nursing staff, especially at night. In the event of anomalies in the sensor data, the system automatically notifies staff via an app and can thus better coordinate the care of clients. In addition, the station integrates a nightlight for fall prevention and has an optional video streaming to remotely check on the urgency of the situation. Livy's unique selling points are its all-in-one functionality, ease of installation and passive detection, which eliminates the need for individuals to wear wearables on their bodies or push buttons.

"Every person in need of nursing care wants to be cared for with dignity and wants to be able to be sure that they will be helped quickly in an emergency situation. The shortage of qualified personnel in Germany hinders this and has for years led to a sometimes catastrophic under-provision of care for clients," explains CEO and founder Reza Humanfar. "With the Livy Care app and the precise sensor technology of our Smart Living Station, we can digitally support healthcare staff.
In this way, we achieve optimal support for care facilities and their special requirements for safety in care. Livy Care is thus a kind of digital assistant that enables qualitative monitoring in every room."

With its smart products Livy Protect and Livy Alive, the Berlin-based company has already been able to inspire thousands of smart home fans. The new functions of the Smart Living Station and Livy Care are now also intended to help care facilities and provide relief and increase more safety.
Other functions such as a "call for help detection" and "fall detection" will soon be available and complete the needs of care facilities.