The Livy Platform and its over 100 million interactions is a substantial source of data that smart city advocates and utility providers can utilise in order to gain insights on user’s air quality characteristics and their corresponding effects on energy usage.

How the Smart City Can Connect to the Smart Home

The smart city, in all of its attributes, is one where the means of communication between user data and provider should be seamless, constant, and fluid. This includes being cost-efficient, flexible and ultimately, sustainable. The Smart Home can play a major role toward this goal. By harnessing the information of real-time transaction and interaction data, the Smart City can learn from said data and also be able to, with greater precision, predict energy usage levels of its residents. This can lead to long-term energy savings, fewer costs, greater ability to foresee high energy demand placed upon the grid, and ultimately lead us towards a more climate-friendly future.

With the over 100 million user interactions on the Livy Platform, this valuable data set can be a major asset in the building of a smart city. Livy interactions offer precise and exact information about home temperature, time of day when users are at home or not, and how the user interacts with his or her smart home devices.

Livy Builds Strong Relationships with Customers

With the Livy Smart Ring, HUM Systems has developed a smart home device that provides a sense of safety and security for our customers. With its built-in motion detector, not only does the Livy Smart Ring and its corresponding Livy App offer our customers a sense of physical security, but with the its air quality sensors and the Air Monitor History feature within the Livy App, it also aims at increasing the overall wellness and health of our users. In addition, the Livy App has the popular Community Function, which allows our Livy users to build a sense of community into their everyday smart home device usage.

By incorporating the user’s community into the app, and its ability to alert close friends and members of family in the event of an alarm, the Livy App has built a sense of trust into the Livy user experience. Therefore, instead of only interacting with the app on a casual basis, Livy App users often use the app on a constant and consistent basis, ultimately building a database of information that can be valuable to smart city advocates.

Big Data and Big Science as Key Factors Towards a Smart City Future

With the Livy App and corresponding Livy Smart Ring, its usage can turn everyday situations into major sources of data in order to achieve a future of truly smart cities. Relatively small individual datasets from each user can be harnessed as a collective whole in order to make broad predictions about energy usage. These include simple things, such as the average temperature during certain times of the day, when the app is used and the Smart Ring is activated and deactivated, or how often the community function is used in case of an emergency. Utility providers can process this dataset to be able to predict fluctuations in power usage and be ahead of the curve, instead of relying on meters which tell you information after it is already too late to react.

With the wealth of new potential data streams offered by the multitude of smart home devices and appliances, HUM Systems is a willing and interested partner for utility companies trying to enhance and refine their smart grid goals. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

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