Livy, the smart home platform developed by HUM Systems GmbH, is delighted to announce that the integration between Livy Protect and Google Assistant is now live.

The connection with Google Assistant now makes it even easier and convenient to use the Livy Protect, the all-in-one smart home burglary and fire-protection system. Livy users can now integrate their device into Google Assistant, which allows them to turn on and off their Livy Protect and easily get their indoor climate readings via hands-free voice control for even greater comfort and accessibility. For example, one needs to say “Ok Google, turn Livy on”, “Ok Google, turn Livy off” or “Ok Google, tell me my current indoor climate readings”.

Livy Integration

HUM Systems GmbH is the first company on the German market to bring Google Assistant into a smart burglary and fire protection platform such as Livy. It also offers a seamless integration with its Air Monitor features and the new Healthy Air Guide within the Livy App, which informs users if their indoor air quality needs improvement and gives helpful hints along the way.

“We are excited to join the Google Assistant platform and integrate this into our Livy smart home platform,” said Ali Reza Humanfar, CEO of HUM Systems GmbH. “This brings an even greater usability and functionality of our product to our users, and also helps develop our voice control possibilities within the Livy platform. We aim for an easy, comfortable and seamless user experience, and this brings us one step closer to our goal.”

Starting now, when customers sign up for a Vattenfall electricity or gas contract, they will receive not only the complete Livy Protect package, but also a Google Mini as well. These two systems, the Livy Protect and the Google Mini on the Google Assistant platform, can easily be paired for the best user experience.