With a simple app update, users unlock the Livy Protect Air Monitor.

Good news for all smart home users of the Livy Protect security system. With a simple app update of version 1.9.0., users unlock the Livy Protect Air Monitor. This means that users can now see current air values in the room without having to buy additional hardware.

Air Monitor: Now Livy Protect can do even more

The company HUM Systems from Berlin completely unlocks the additionally installed sensor technology in Livy Protect's Smart Ring. This allows users to see the current values for temperature, humidity and air quality in the room. The Air Quality Sensor measures the so-called volatile organic compounds. These gases are produced, for example, by the degradation products of the human metabolism and lead to poor air quality. But odors and vapours which arise from carpets, furniture, printers, copiers, cleaning agents, perfume and tobacco smoke can also cause poor air quality. If this is detected, users will receive a push-notification with the message "Ventilate vigorously".

So far protection against fire and burglary with Livy Protect

Since the end of 2018, HUM Systems has presented its solution for fire and burglary protection with the smart security system Livy Protect. The plug-in system consisting of a smoke detector as the basis and the Smart Ring with additional sensors was able to detect smoke, toxic carbon monoxide and unwanted movement during absence. Livy's security concept works according to the social principle that the manufacturer calls "Social Smart Home". This means that in the event of an alarm, the user's community, i.e. other residents or neighbours, are automatically notified on their smartphone so that they can react as quickly as possible in the event of fire or burglary.

Livy App altert message

Even more functions to be expected in the future

Based on the Air Monitor, the company will soon be offering additional functions for frost and mildew prevention. In addition, Livy Protect can also be used for applications in the care sector and child care.