The Berlin-based start-up HUM Systems has implemented an influencer campaign with three of the most popular German smart home and tech YouTubers, in order to present the extensive set of features of the smart home system Livy.

In February 2020, the YouTubers behind the channels Spiel und Zeug, MajorTech and TechFloyd each received a Livy Protect set of their choice, including a Livy Plus subscription, so they could extensively test the system. Afterwards they presented the system on their YouTube channel. 

"With our first influencer campaign, we wanted to show new users the numerous features that we have developed so far within Livy Protect," says Head of Marketing and Co-Founder Amir Humanfar. "In our cooperation with the Influencers, we have taken particular care not to influence the focus of the content, so that they can decide for themselves which features they consider to be particularly worth mentioning to their viewers".

Livy Protect is an all-in-one home security system the includes a smart smoke detection system, air monitor, and motion sensor. It is a two-part set that consists of the Livy Smart Ring and the Livy Smoke Detector.

The Smart Ring can optionally be mounted on the ceiling with the Livy Smoke Detector or, without a smoke detector, it can be mounted on the wall or positioned on any surface.

With the Livy App, the user can also invite contacts into the community and receive a push notification in case of an alarm. Therefore, an alarm situation can be solved by neighbors or friends, in case you are not at home yourself. In addition, Livy Plus offers affordable additional functions and services such as an emergency renters and homeowners insurance.

The Livy platform is constantly being updated and thus offers new functions on a regular basis. Most recently, the Healthy Air Guide from Livy Plus was released, which helps users optimize their own heating and ventilation behavior for a healthier home. 

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