Livy Protect, the smart home device developed by HUM Systems GmbH, is now successfully integrated with Apple’s Siri.

After integrating Google Assistant with Livy Protect in July 2020, the next step was to integrate Siri as well, opening up the possibility of voice command to as many users as possible. This integration makes the all-in-one smart home burglary and fire-protection system from Livy Protect available to everyone that uses an iPhone or other Apple devices.

Now Apple users can turn on and off their Livy Protect and also get their indoor climate readings, such as temperature and humidity, with a simple voice command. For example, one needs to say “Hey Siri, activate Livy Protect”, or “Hey Siri, how high is the temperature in the bedroom?”

Livy Siri Integration

HUM Systems GmbH was the first German company to bring Google Assistant into a smart burglary and fire protection platform such as Livy, and is now the first to do so with Siri as well. The Livy platform not only offers burglary and fire protection, but also with includes the Healthy Air Guide, which informs the user about their indoor air quality values and gives helpful hints, in case it needs improving.

“After integrating Livy with Google Assistant, Siri integration was the next logical step,” said Ali Reza Humanfar, CEO of HUM Systems GmbH. “We want to open the Livy platform to as many people as possible, so Siri was next on our list of integration goals. This way, Apple users can enjoy the same benefits as those with an Android phone, and it also expands our voice control possibilities within the Livy platform. With these two major integration milestones successfully completed, we look forward to integrating the Livy platform with Alexa, IFTTT, and others.”

In just a few simple steps, Siri can be customized to the user’s preferences via the Settings within the Livy App. Click here in order to see detailed instructions on how to activate and customize Siri for voice commands.