Livy Protect, the smart home device developed by HUM Systems GmbH, is now successfully integrated with IFTTT.

After integrating Siri with Livy Protect in October 2020 and Google Assistant in July 2020, the next logical step was to integrate IFTTT. This makes the all-in-one smart home burglary and fire-protection system from Livy Protect available to everyone that has other smart home devices that are also on the IFTTT platform.

With IFTTT, users can now use Livy Protect as the trigger point for other smart home devices. For example, within the IFTTT app, the user can set a chain of events to happen when the Livy Protect is turned off or on. That event can then lead to turning on their smart heating system, their smart lights, or opening up their smart lock to let them or someone else into the home.

HUM Systems GmbH was the first German company to bring both Google Assistant and Siri into a smart burglary and fire protection platform such as Livy, and is now the first to do so with IFTTT as well. The Livy platform not only offers burglary and fire protection, but also with includes the Healthy Air Guide, which informs the user about their indoor air quality values and gives helpful hints, in case it needs improving.

“We are thrilled to introduce IFTTT integration for our Livy Protect users,” said Ali Reza Humanfar, CEO of HUM Systems GmbH. “IFTTT now opens up all types of integration possibilities with Livy Protect, allowing our users to use Livy Protect, with its ideal ceiling location for air quality measurements and motion detection, as the trigger point for smart home integration. That means when a user turns on or off Livy Protect, and a number of other smart home devices that are also connected with IFTTT can also follow suit. ”

Livy Protect users can now download the IFTTT app and use Livy Protect as a connection point. 

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